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goods and services and facilitate the

transfer of energy throughout

Georgia and the entire nation. Pond

has a diverse set of professionals

in various disciplines, to include

civil engineering, transportation

engineering, architecture, landscape

architecture, oil and gas

engineering, aviation engineering,

interior design, military planning,

building systems engineering,

construction services and

sustainable design, to name a few.

The unwavering commitment to

our clients and employees is a true

differentiator for Pond among other

architecture, engineering and

construction management


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Pond and Company

In fact, Pond is the largest A/E firm

in Gwinnett County

a fact we are

very proud of. Throughout our his-

tory, Pond has always operated with

a high degree of integrity, taking

ownership in everything we do and

instilling clients with a high degree

of trust. Our clients have allowed

us over the years to dispatch teams

globally, including popular

destinations such as Germany,

Spain and Italy, and to more remote

locations such as Diego Garcia, to

solve complex engineering issues.

Of course, all of this work and

dedication does come with a bit of

fun. While we are dedicated to our

clients, our corporate culture is also

one of teamwork, group skill

building and giving back to our


Pond is proud to call Gwinnett

County home since 2005. As a

growing company, there were many

positive factors that influenced the

move to Gwinnett. Not only as a

business-friendly county, but also

boasting a great talent pool, strong

technology presence, modern

infrastructure, the best schools in

Georgia, recreational opportunities

and places where families can live,

play and thrive. Over the past 11

years, we have enjoyed watching the

county grow without losing these

basic fundamentals that drive our

economy, and provide true growth

and opportunities for Gwinnett

County citizens.

On becoming involved in and

benefiting from the Gwinnett


I recall attending my first Chamber

events back in 2010 when my office,

at that time, moved from Forsyth

County to Gwinnett County. Since

then, I have supported the

Chamber’s membership and

fundraising campaigns, and I

regularly attend the monthly

membership luncheons, quarterly

Chairman’s Club receptions and

other Chamber and Partnership

Gwinnett events. In addition, I am

currently serving my second year

on the Chamber’s board of directors

and Partnership Gwinnett’s

operations committee and steering


I very much enjoy being involved

in the Chamber. Personally, I have

benefited from the many

friendships that I have built over the

past six years. Professionally, I enjoy

the opportunities I have to share

with the county and how Pond can

have an impact on creating a higher

standard of living and quality of

life for all of Gwinnett County

businesses and residents.

On maximizing the Chairman’s

Club investment

Let’s face it, you get out of it what

you put into it. You have to show up

consistently and be genuine


your interactions, and in building

your relationships. Pond’s invest-

ment in the Chairman’s Club keeps

me and other Pond representatives

connected and informed at the

highest levels within the county.

And, it affords us the opportunity

to proactively schedule and plan

for events that our local clients and

potential clients attend. Like us,

our clients and others we strive to

do business with are like-minded

in giving back and investing in this