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By Carla Carraway, President, Precision Planning, Inc.


iving back to the community

and civic involvement is part

of the everyday landscape

at Precision Planning, Inc. (PPI)

and has been since the company’s

inception in 1982. PPI understands

that it is tremendously important

to give back to not only the

community that is its home field,

but to those communities in which

it works.

If companies like PPI work to make

a difference in our communities and

promote a positive quality of life,

then we influence our employees.

In turn, our employees influence

their own friends and families and

it becomes a natural progression of


PPI supports the Gwinnett

community by having an active

involvement with the Gwinnett

Chamber and Partnership

Gwinnett and the many events that

are part of these organizations. One

of our favorite events each year is

the Valor Awards. We work with

many different public safety

organizations in the cities and

county and are very proud to be a

part of the event that recognizes the

tremendous job they do for our

community. Aside from being a

financial sponsor of the event, our

employees are involved in helping

to put together the gift baskets that

the winners receive. PPI also

supports organizations and/or

events like Gwinnett Clean &

Beautiful, Gwinnett Great Days of

Service, Mitsubishi Electric

Classic Golf Tournament and

Leadership Gwinnett. One example

of promoting community pride

with our employees was the Beaver

Ruin Watershed Cleanup as a part

of “Great Days of Service.” A group

of PPI employees volunteered on

a Saturday morning in the Beaver

Ruin watershed to help clean up our

streams, lakes and ponds. We also

support events such as the Sugar

Hill Sweet Life Concert Series, the

Gimme Shelter concert in Grayson,

Sparkle in the Park in Lilburn and

the Lawrenceville Summer Concert


Serving the communities that we

work in not only provides us the

opportunity to give back, it allows

members of the PPI team to expand

their personal and professional

networks, take on leadership roles,

while also providing visibility for

PPI. In the past few years, we have

had different members of our senior

leadership team chair the Gwinnett

Chamber, Walton County Chamber

and the Jackson County Chamber.

Business is all about relationships

and community involvement

provides us the platform to make

connections with individuals and

organizations that are the key to

our success.

Client service is our priority, so

community involvement is

“business as usual” at PPI and we

are proud to be associated with all

the communities we serve.

PPI employees participate in

Great Days of Service.