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The late Thomas J. Watson, Jr., President of IBM from 1952-1971 summarized executive

leadership this way “Nothing so conclusively proves a man’s ability to lead others as what

he does from day to day to lead himself.” What you might not know about Watson was

that he led IBM to the height of its innovative leadership with this mentality, and for it,

was heralded the “greatest capitalist in history” and named to TIME magazine’s 100 most

influential people of the twentieth Century ( June 2010 edition). He was an entrepreneur, a

businessman and an EXECUTIVE.

The term “executive” is often equated with the enforcing branch of government or a

high-level VIP in corporate America. Although both of these are accurate analogies to the

word, they are by no means fully encompassing of those who hold this title and hold it with

a deserving hand. When I look around Gwinnett County, I see those who “lead themselves”

in every stage of business. From the successful entrepreneurs leading themselves through

innovation of a new product or service to the medium business owners leading themselves

through risk-taking and perseverance and the corporate officers leading themselves through

leading others – these are Gwinnett’s executives and the reason why Gwinnett can truly

claim that success lives here.

In this new publication for our VIP Chairman’s Club members, it is the goal of the

Gwinnett Chamber to not only inspire leadership that has already taken our Chairman’s

Club members to great heights, but also to provide them with valuable information on peer

best practices, economic trends and business-related news affecting every executive. We’ll

also include reminders on upcoming Chairman’s Club events and opportunities for B2B

relationship building.

In this particular issue, you’ll hear how a local company, Brand Mortgage, expanded to

create 100 new jobs in the last two years of economic unrest. You’ll also get real advice from

local business owners and executives on advertising strategies and hear from the Technology

Association of Georgia on the current State of Technology and where this industry is headed.

Your Gwinnett Chamber understands the business environment that you lead every day.

We know what pressures befall you, how rewarding even the smallest achievement can be,

and why you persevere day in and day out in the name of success. At the Gwinnett Chamber,

our Chairman’s Club members aren’t just another group of VIPs; they’re respected leaders,

influential visionaries, self-motivators. They are executives.

Thank you for your contribution to Gwinnett and we hope you enjoy this inaugural

issue of

The Executive




The Executives of Gwinnett