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Monty Chiu & Associates, PC

Pei-Yao (Monty) Chiu, Esq.

Monty Chiu & Associates, PC handles full

line of US immigration related services and

International Business Transactions for Chinese

Market. Represents, consult and assists all kinds of

immigration petitions, applications, administrative

hearings and administrative appeals. Represents Chinese clients for

US related business transactions and consultations.

Noah’s Ark & Co., Inc.

Shoji Ketchem

Chief Operating Officer

Noah’s Ark & Co. is passionate about emergency

preparedness and planning. Nearly 8 out of 10

Georgians claim to be unprepared to face natural

disasters. If that were true here in Gwinnett

county—that could amount to more than 700,000 individuals! Our

non-profit organization is actively reaching out to and partnering

with individuals, private and public organizations to encourage

emergency preparedness through the use of our free web-based

“ARK” called Customized Online Preparedness Plan (COPP).

Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants – Bob Zack

Bob Zack


Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants is

the largest independent telecom consulting

company in North America, with offices from

coast to coast. Our Telecom Consultants deliver

telecommunications expertise to companies large and small

from all industries. We offer a broad range of performance-based

professional services that include analysis of existing and future

telecommunications needs, assessment of best alternatives and

implementation of cost-effective telecommunications solutions.

Members of the Gwinnett

Chamber hear over

and over again about

“transportation initiatives”

at Board of Director’s

meetings, public policy

events, and social media

streaming from the

Chamber. Why do we keep

talking about regional and

state mobility projects and

funding? Isn’t the Gwinnett

Chamber a local business organization?

One of the most important roles

of the Gwinnett Chamber is to solidly

advocate for effective transportation not

only of goods and materials, but for the

transportation of people. The importance

of the successful movement of your

businesses customers and employees

does impact your bottom line. Much of

the messaging about the 2012 regional

transportation referendum is in more

abjure terms of economic vitality and the

creation of jobs. But the direct impact on

your bottom line is why

your Chamber is taking

a lead role in the funding

of over $8 billion in much

needed road and transit

projects over 10 years. This

will be the largest economic

development project in our

region’s history.

Metro Atlanta is in the

midst of a transportation

funding crisis. We have

underinvested in our transportation

network for years; metro Atlanta is the

third fastest growing region in the United

States, yet Georgia ranks next to last in per

capita transportation spending. Federal

budget cuts will most like result in Georgia

receiving much less federal transportation

funding than in past years.

As a result of declining revenues and

projected cuts, U.S. cities we compete with

for jobs have already passed sales taxes for

transportation improvements: Charlotte,

Denver, Salt lake City, Seattle and Phoenix,

just to name a few.

While all these cities are facing

increasing traffic congestion, we hear

directly from economic development

prospects that only Atlanta has no clear

plan to counter it. Nick Masino, President

of Partnership Gwinnett and VP of

Economic Development with the Gwinnett

Chamber has stated publicly many times

that the number-one reason for prospective

companies choosing not to relocate to

Gwinnett is the lack of mobility options

and congestion.

Currently, leaders are developing

the regional project list which includes

transit, interstate improvements, arterial

road improvements, capacity and safety

improvements, sidewalks and bike paths.

To ensure every community in metro

Atlanta benefits, 15 percent of the proceeds

will be allocated to every city and county

for projects of local importance. The final

project list will be completed and ready for

public review by October 15, 2011.

Regional Mobility Matters to Your Business

Jann Moore, Senior Director of Public Policy